Product Services and Pricing

Product Services: is a website maintained by volunteers of SRI PRANAVA PEETHAM, ELURU, a voluntary, non-profitable organization formed and established in 2004  primarily to promote social well being.

All the services offered through this website are for educational purposes only. 

This website provides educational information and guidance free of cost, where it is possible,  through digital medium, on various cultural and educational events depending upon the interests, requirements and participation  of visitors/subscribers/volunteers.

Requests of those subscribers/volunteers/visitors who do not have access to resources/ access to digital media will be served through  printed material on specific terms and conditions  depending upon the availability of the same.


All the educational material  provided/ served to the subscribers/volunteers/visitors on their specific requests is prepared by the founder and founder members of SRI PRANAVA PEETHAM, ELURU, from ancient archived  scriptural references and  thus are the sole  intellectual perpetrators of the  material supplied. 

Placing an order for any  product offered  on the website is deemed as an acceptance of our privacy policy and terms and conditions.


Where printed information or educational content is required to be delivered to volunteers/ subscribers/ visitors on their consent to bear the cost of printing and delivery, a nominal fee is charged for the same.

The fee thus charged is utilized  solely for the  purpose of meeting the costs of printing/ distributing/ shipping of  those products thus offered and also for promoting  education for social well being  through digital mediums.